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質疑応答のHelp Me記事の追加 1001

2022年10月1日 3:00:00

SpeakNowの質疑応答問題のHelp Meボタンを押したら読める

「Speaking Dictionary」の記事を新たに追加いたしました。



It is your first time in this city and you are nervous about your departure from the hotel and what time you will get to the airport. You want to know how busy the airport is and when the best time is to arrive at the airport. What do you ask at the front desk?



You are lost in a new English-speaking city and have no idea where the train station is. How do you ask a person walking by for help?



You’d like to buy some fruit and cereal for breakfast to eat in your hotel but you don’t know where to go to get it. What do you ask the front desk staff?



You need to buy some souvenirs to bring back to Japan but you’re not sure what to get from the country you’re visiting. You ask someone at the hotel for advice. What do you say?

あなたは日本に帰るためにお土産を買わなければなりませんが、訪問先の国で何を買えばいいのかわかりません。 あなたはホテルで誰かにアドバイスを求めます。 あなたは何と言いますか?


You have just finished dinner with some new clients and you want to pay for the meal. What do you say to your dinner guests?

あなたは、新しい顧客との夕食を終えたばかりで、食事代を払いたいと考えています。 あなたは客人に何と言いますか?


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